People, Planet, Product

These 3 words are central to our sustainability policy. The importance of sustainability is growing. The low-hanging fruit has already been picked, and we continually raise our 'sustainability bar.' Aarts is actively working towards sustainability and aims for the '8 of Aarts' in this area as well.


People are always at the center for us. Our team makes Aarts, our growers grow our vegetables and fruits, and we work together hard for our customers who enjoy our products. Our Aarts DNA and our family business culture provide a good foundation for our employees to develop. We take our responsibility as an employer seriously regarding investing in education, enriching work, employability, and ergonomic workplaces. We collaborate with various educational institutions and are also a recognized training company.



Extreme weather conditions affect the quality and growth of vegetables and fruits, directly impacting our business. Therefore, the "environment" is crucial for us. We have already taken significant steps to save gas, water, and electricity. Examples include investments in solar panels, steam boiler setup, and the use of natural refrigerants. At the same time, we face significant challenges regarding gas consumption. Exciting challenges for the coming years!


Vegetables and fruits are fundamentally healthy for people. Even when they come from a can or jar! Our pears contribute to 2 pieces of fruit per day, and our asparagus helps achieve the daily 250 grams of vegetables. We are constantly working to improve and sustain our products. We reduce added sugar or salt, incorporate more organic products, and almost all our products have Nutriscore A or B.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We have documented our sustainability policy, and it is ISO 26000 certified.