Quality and craftsmanship are the fundaments of Aarts Conserven since 1934.
This is also resembled in our logo: the red seal is the hallmark of a quality product by Aarts.

Our dedication to quality is recognized: we are IFS certified at the highest level.

Michelle Vrenken, head of quality:

“Controlling from starting to finish, through general policies to hygiene inspections. We take care of everything.

All Aarts Conserven employees are equally responsible for the quality and safety of the end product, the Quality Control department ‘only’ has a quality check and advisory role in this.”


Aarts Conserven is the only preserved fruit producer in the Netherlands with the self-regulating ISO 26000 rating. This shows that we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

How do we translate this into practice? Besides avoiding ‘low hanging’ fruit, offering work placements for students and using renewable energy, we don’t shy away from more ambitious projects. Examples of which are: paying temporary workers the full Aarts Conserven regular employee wages and reducing the amounts of salt and sugars in our products towards a healthier diet.



SKAL BIO / organic

CSR – ISO 26000