Aarts is famous for its delicious potted pears. This typical Dutch product has been made by us for more than 50 years. We use Dutch Gieser Wildeman pears and Williams pears from Italy.

From field to plate


1. Plucking

The pears are plucked by hand. They are harvested in September and October, depending upon weather and sunshine.


2. Sorting

After harvesting the pears are sorted on diameter and quality. The pears are boxed and cooled, then transported to Aarts.


3. Peeling

We peel our pears before we cook them. We first use a machine and then finish with peeling by hand.


4. Cooking

Cooking gives our pears their characteristic taste and texture. How do we cook them exactly? That’s the cook’s secret!


5. Filling

Once they have been cooked the pears are put into glass pots. For everyday consumers we use smaller jars. For large scale users with have big jars and tins.


6. Pasteurising

The potted pears are pasteurised in the following way; the pots are heated to around 90 degrees Celsius for a short time. All the vitamins and natural flavours stay in the pot.


7. Packing

Finally the pots can show off their Aarts Conserven labels. They are now ready to be transported to our customers. From earth to plate within a few days.

What makes our pears so delicious?

  • A unique process and recipe since 1934
  • The best type: Gieser Wildeman and Williams

Our pears assortment

Gestoofde peertjes 580ml
Hele stoofpeertjes 580ml
Williams peren 580ml
Gestoofde peren met karamel 580ml
Gestoofde peertjes 720ml
Gestoofde peertjes 1700ml
Williams peren 1700ml
Gestoofde halve peren 2650ml
Hele stoofpeertjes met steel 2650ml
Halve peren met karamel 2650ml