Cherries are an important part of our assortment. We work mainly with sour cherries, also called Morello cherries. We are one of the only companies who still works mainly with Dutch cherries.

Our main supplier is only 15 kilometres (12 miles) away, they don’t come any fresher!

From field to plate


1. Harvesting

Our cherries are harvested by ‘vibrating’ the tree. The cherries are caught and crated under the tree.


2. Cooling

Cooling quickly is crucial for good quality. Most important as harvesting take place in the warm summer month of July.


3. Sorting

As soon as the cherries arrive at Aarts they are sorted. Damaged or bad cherries are removed.


4. Stoning

Next the cherries have their stones removed. The stones are stamped out of the cherries using star shaped punches.


5. Filling

The bottles are washed and part filled with a bit of syrup. Then they are filled with cherries.


6. Pasteurising

The bottled cherries are pasteurised in the following way; the bottles are heated to around 90 degrees Celsius for a short time. All the vitamins and natural flavours are kept in the bottle.


7. Packing

Finally the bottles have earned their Aarts Conserven labels and are set in a tray. They are now ready to be transported to our customers. From earth to plate within a few days.

  • High quality of our fresh cherries
  • Super-fresh processing: our Dutch cherries are typically processed within 24h after harvest
  • Best recipe and craftsmanship since 1934

Our cherries assortment

Kersen zonder pit 370ml
Kersen zonder pit light 370ml
Nederlandse Kersen zonder pit 580ml
Kersen zonder pit 720ml
Kersen zonder pit 1550ml
Flambeerkersen 850ml
Kersen zonder pit 2650ml