1934, asparagus grower Mart Aarts started producing asparagus with craftsmanship; Aarts Conserven was born. Since than the ‘white gold’ has become an unmissable part of our assortment. We harvest asparagus in May and June. The secret is in the sandy soil in Limburg, Brabant and parts of Germany.

From field to plate


1. Harvesting

Asparagus grows in so-called beds. Just as the head peeps out of the ground they are harvested. This way the asparagus keeps its characteristic while colour.


2. Sorting

Workers sort the asparagus by size and quality. They are packed into crates from 5-10Kg for Aarts.


3. Cooling

To keep the quality at its highest level the asparagus are cooled to 2-4 degrees Celsius quickly. The asparagus are then transported to Aarts in refrigerator trucks.


4. Peeling

Asparagus have tough skins and therefore need peeling. Peeling is done by machines.


5. Bottling

Bottles are filled with the peeled asparagus by hand. By hand to avoid damaging the delicate tips and making sure the bottle has the correct amount.


6. Sterilising

The bottled asparagus are sterilised by heating them to 120 degrees Celsius for a short time. This gives them a longer shelf life.


7. Packing

Finally the bottles can proudly wear their Aarts Conserven labels and be packed into trays. They are now ready to be transported to our customers. From earth to plate within a few days.

  • Best quality Dutch and German asparagus
  • Bottled extra fresh
  • Best production and recipe in craftsmanship since 1934

Our asparagus assortment

Asperges bio 314ml
Asperges 212ml
Asperges 314ml
Soepasperges met kop 314ml
Asperges 370ml
Asperges 580ml
Asperges 1110ml
Asperges 1700ml
Soepasperges met kop 1700ml
Soepasperges 1700ml
Soepasperges met kop 850ml
Soepasperges 2650ml
Soepasperges met kop 2650ml