Tradional: asparagus with butter-sauce. The superior quality of our Dutch asparagus is beautifully displayed.

Our thinner asparagus taste great when wrapped in a ham.

Add our asparagus pieces to your soup, and you’ve made a great asparagus soup just like that.


Our cherries are perfectly suited for baking cake. No wonder many of our customers are bakers!

Our cherries fit very well with desserts, ice, yoghurt, …

Warm our cherries, and your pancakes taste even better.


Stewed pears are a culinair tradition in The Netherlands.

Combined with cinnamon ice-cream, our stewed pears make a beautiful and tasteful dessert.

Our stewed pears are a refreshing side-dish with your BBQ.

Fruit filling

Strawberry cups are quickly filled with Aarts Fruit Filling. 100% natural ingredients!

Baking your own cherry cake? No problem! 1 jar of Aarts Fruit Filling is plenty for a 24cm cake. Delicious!

1 jar of Aarts Fruit Filling will get you 10 apple pastries. Tasteful, quick, home-made.