The Canning House

The Aarts Canning House: Home since 1934.

Welcome to the Canning House, where the culinary tradition of canning is passed down from generation to generation.

The story of the Canning House begins...

On a spring day in 1934, Martinus Aarts, facing a ban on the import of vegetables and fruits from the Netherlands to Germany, decides to find an alternative for the sale of his asparagus. With cans from Belgium, large cooking pots, and an abundance of fresh asparagus, the Aarts family starts canning in their kitchen—a craft that evolves into a new expertise: canning asparagus. The products gain popularity, and Aarts Conserven is born.


Start of a tradition

With a good load of cans from Belgium, a few large cooking pots, and an abundance of fresh asparagus, the Aarts family embarked on something that would evolve into a new craft: canning asparagus. Starting from their pantry, the family initiated the art of preserving asparagus. The products gained popularity, and Aarts Conserven was born.

Kitchen evolves into Canning House

Martinus expands to canning other vegetables and fruits from the region, such as sourcherries and stewed pears, filling the family's kitchen after the asparagus season. When Martinus passes away in 1950, his son Piet takes over.


Ready for the future!

 In the late '90s, Jan Kessels joins Aarts Conserven. Lode, working at Aarts during holidays and weekends since his youth, joins full-time in 2015. Aarts remains a family business, proud of the Canning House's rich history and building towards the future. They focus on sustainable energy, source asparagus and fruit locally, and draw inspiration from the latest trends, while remaining true to the culinary tradition of canning, the beating heart of the house.