The 8 of Aarts

Our compass.

At Aarts, we strive for the "8 of Aarts" in everything we do—a broad interpretation of an 8 on our report card. We don't settle for a 7 or less, and a 9 or 10 is often too complex or costly. This guideline is easily and effectively applied by everyone in our company and translated into eight themes.

  1. Team: We are a family business where everyone knows each other. Personal attention for both our permanent and seasonal colleagues. We aim for everyone to take pride in Aarts—proud of their work and eager to convey it.
  2. Product: Our product is delicious and leaves you wanting more. Our product and packaging reflect the 8 of Aarts. Quality, tasty, and artisanal.
  3. Suppliers: We are honest, respectful, and approachable. A man's word is his bond. Aarts follows a short payment term. We aim for an 8, and we expect the same level from our suppliers.
  4. Customers: Customers feel taken care of at Aarts. Aarts delivers reliably and is flexible. Personal contact and accessibility are important. We proactively suggest new products and ideas.
  5. Consumers: We understand who our consumer is, how our product is used, and what the customer's concerns are. We think alongside the customer. Consumers know who Aarts is and what we stand for.
  6. Environment: We are pragmatically climate-conscious and achieve sustainability goals. Our factory, office, and garden are well-maintained. We are open to our neighbours and support community life, always in open dialogue with the government.
  7. Communication: We communicate kindly, quickly, and get it first-time-right. Aarts' basic attitude is positive. The glass is half full. We are optimistic and upbeat.
  8. Internal Processes: We opt for robust, practical solutions. Procedures are followed. We understand each other's tasks.